Recent announcements about school closures and self-isolation throughout the UK, amidst the Covid-19 outbreak, has undoubtedly caused a stir amongst working parents and business owners.

The permanent recruitment market has somewhat slowed down, with companies putting certain recruitment activities on hold, and taking on temps to manage staff absences due to illness or childcare arrangements.  Many staff are also being reported as being ‘let go’ or sent home by their employer because of company closures.

Whilst this is an extremely difficult and testing time for everyone, it could be an ideal time to pause and think about your next step, your future goals and aspirations, a new direction or career path, as well as other opportunities you’ve never had time to think about before.

Now is a good time to dig out your CV and dust off the cobwebs, or write one if you don’t actually have one!

We can take you under our wing by:

  1. Sending you a FREE CV template, or
  2. Giving your existing CV a FREE health check, or
  3. Writing or Re-writing your CV altogether (please note, there will be a charge for this service).

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Alternatively, you can get useful hints and tips on ‘How to write an enticing CV’ here.