International Women’s Day, held on 8th March every year, is a global day celebrating  the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

The #PressForProgress campaign launched this year provides a unified direction for gender parity which was originally started by the Suffragettes in the early 1900’s, and saw the first International Women’s Day  being celebrated in 1911.

This year, Recruitment Robin owner Selina Rudzik, was listed amongst the top 100 inspirational business women in the UK, in the Federation of Small Businesses 100 Women campaign, which endeavoured to support International Women’s Day, by highlighting the importance and leading role women take in setting up and running their own businesses.

On being asked what her one piece of advice would be to a woman starting up in business, Selna replied:

“Believe in yourself – you can achieve anything your heart desires as long as you have a clear goal, you work hard at it and you don’t give up.  Starting my own business was the best (and scariest!) decision I ever made – it’s been an incredible journey not only for my business, but for me as well.  As the saying goes, ‘A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong she is until she’s in hot water’ – I’d like to think that I make quite a strong cup of tea these days! If you believe in yourself, eventually others will too!”