All Tricks, No Treats: 7 Things That Hinder Candidate Applications

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Are you finding it increasingly challenging to attract top-quality candidates to your job vacancies? If you’ve been scratching your head wondering why your applicant pool seems to be shrinking, it might be time to examine the potential hindrances that are scaring potential candidates away.

In this blog, we’ll uncover seven factors that could deter top talent from applying to your roles and explore some eye-opening statistics about what job seekers see as huge no-nos when it comes to throwing their name into the ring for a new position.


1. Bad Reviews Online (46%)

In today’s digital age, your company’s online reputation is everything. Job seekers often turn to online reviews to gain insights into your organisation’s culture and work environment, so negative reviews on social media platforms, TrustPilot and Google can be a major turn-off. To enhance your recruitment success, address any negative feedback proactively, listen to employee and ex-employee feedback and work on improving your online image.


2. Terrible Annual Leave (44%)

A generous annual leave policy is an attractive perk for many candidates, but if your company’s leave policy leaves a lot to be desired in the eyes of star candidates, it certainly won’t help you fill those all-important roles.

To remain competitive in the job market, consider reviewing and potentially enhancing your annual leave benefits and perhaps consider new strategies such as the ability to ‘buy’ extra leave or additional holiday time to reward loyal service.


3. Bad Staff Incentives and Benefits (42%)

Attracting top talent often requires offering competitive staff incentives and benefits. If your compensation and benefits package isn’t up to industry standards, it’s likely that you’re missing out on high-calibre candidates.

Taking the time to review your benefits and aligning them with what job seekers in your industry expect is never a bad idea, and Recruitment Robin will be happy to give you an overview of the current perks landscape to help you level-up your perks and benefits strategy.


4. Morally Dubious Sector (32%)

The sector or industry your company operates in can significantly impact candidate interest. If your sector has a reputation for unethical practices or a lack of social responsibility, you might struggle to attract candidates who prioritise ethical and sustainable workplaces.

Instead of ignoring the issue altogether or dwelling on the negative, make an effort to emphasise any positive aspects of your company’s ethical practices or explore how you can improve in this area.


5. No Hybrid Working (21%)

Flexible work arrangements have become the norm for many job seekers, especially after the experiences of the past few years.

If your company doesn’t offer some form of hybrid working, you might be missing out on talent looking for a better work-life balance, so consider adopting more flexible work arrangements to cater to the changing expectations of candidates.


6. No Sustainability Policy (19%)

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are increasingly important factors for job seekers.

Companies with strong sustainability policies and practices tend to attract candidates who are conscious of their environmental footprint, and this especially true of younger job seekers who value a businesses commitment to the natural world as part of their culture and ethos.

Therefore, if you don’t have a sustainability policy in place, it might be time to consider implementing one to make your organisation more appealing to eco-conscious candidates.


7. Outdated Sector (18%)

Industries that are perceived as outdated or slow to embrace change can miss out on candidates who are seeking dynamic, forward-thinking environments. To counteract this perception, highlight any innovative initiatives or technology advancements within your business to showcase your commitment to staying relevant in the market.


Attracting top-quality candidates is crucial for your business’s success and by addressing these seven factors and aligning your recruitment strategy with the evolving expectations of job seekers, you can make your job vacancies more appealing and ultimately fill them with the right people.

Stay ahead in the recruitment game by ensuring that your company offers a competitive, ethical, and forward-thinking environment. After all, when it comes to recruitment, it’s all about treating your candidates right and not scaring them away.

For more expert tips on how to attract and engage top talent for your business, contact the Recruitment Robin team today.