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It typically takes between 1 and 4 weeks to fill a vacancy, from the day we start working on your vacancy, to the day a candidate starts working for you.

The cost of our recruitment service depends on the level of support you require.

The majority of our clients have limited time, limited resources or limited expertise when it comes to recruiting staff themselves, so they ask us to manage the whole recruitment process for them.

A few of our clients have been happy to deal with the offers and placements, once we have assisted them with advertising a vacancy, screening and interviewing candidates.

We can create a bespoke support package that matches your specific recruitment needs and budget, so if you are struggling to recruit staff, give us a call on 01782 703403 for a no obligation chat.

The length of the contract usually lasts the duration of the recruitment campaign (from the first day we start to work on your vacancy) and includes any rebate period that has been agreed, after which time the contract will come to an end.

Whilst we endeavour to fill your vacancy as quickly and efficiently as possible within a 4 week period, it is not always possible to fill a vacancy within this time.

This could be because the vacancy is very specialised or requires a particular skill or competence that is in short supply. As a result, it may take a little longer to attract the right candidate(s).

There are 4 stages to the recruitment process:

1. Advertising your vacancy
2. Resourcing and screening candidates
3. Interview and selection
4. Placement and follow-up

For a breakdown of the recruitment process, click here.

The recruitment process typically lasts between 1 and 4 weeks, from the day we start working on your vacancy, to the day a candidate starts working for you.

Sometimes, the process can last a little longer if the candidate needs to give notice to their current employer.

We will keep you informed of proposed start dates or delays throughout the process to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Our candidate reach is quite vast, as we have access to 300+ leading online job boards and social media sites, allowing us to tap into a wider talent pool and attract candidates for various roles.

We tend not to use online CV searches or keep an internal candidate database, as candidate information and CV’s can very quickly go out of date. We prefer to advertise a vacancy and attract active candidates who possess the sought after skills and competences.

If you have a vacancy you are struggling to fill, give us a call on 01782 703403 for a no obligation chat.

Depending on the role being recruited for, candidate applications can start coming through within the first 24 hours of a vacancy being advertised. More specialised roles may take a little longer to start receiving applications.

On receipt of a candidate application, their CV is screened manually to decipher whether their skills and competences match those required by the role.

The candidate will also be searched for on Google and social media platforms (such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter) to check whether their online presence is of an appropriate nature, before they qualify for a telephone interview.

During the telephone screening process, a candidate will be assessed on how well they communicate, as well as:

• Why they feel they are suitable for the role
• What transferable skills and competences they have
• Any relevant work related achievements
• Their current employment status and any notice period
• Travel arrangement
• Preferred hours of work, and so on.

Suitable candidates are then short-listed for consideration by the client.

Candidates invited for interview by the client will be ID-checked, their qualifications and DBS status will be checked where necessary, and references will be followed up.

Whatever interview support you need, we can:

• Write the interview questions
• Sit in on the interview should you require a second interviewer
• Lead the interview and ask the questions
• Take notes whilst you ask the questions
• Be a sounding board
• Assist with the selection process
• Provide an interview room
• Meet and greet candidates on arrival, and see them out afterwards

It is good practice to have at least two interviewers present when interviewing candidates to reduce the opportunity for any unsuccessful and unhappy candidates seeking legal action against you or your business.

If you require interview support or simply need a second interviewer, give us a call on 01782 703403 for a no obligation chat.

Our aim is to make sure that every candidate (successful or not) has a positive experience using our recruitment service, and so we endeavour to keep candidates informed about the status of their application throughout the recruitment process.

Candidates who have not been successful will be contacted by telephone or email, and given feedback and advice to help them improve their CV or interview technique for the next vacancy they apply for.

We understand that even after looking great on a CV, and sounding great in an interview, sometimes, things just don’t work out after a candidate starts working for their new employer.

As every situation is different, we will discuss this with you during the initial consultantion, and before any formal agreements are made.