Benn Warren

Client Relationship Manager

Contact me:

My role at Recruitment Robin:

My role is to build and maintain relationships with new and existing corporate clients, ensuring they receive an exceptional recruitment service from beginning to end. I am usually the first and last person an employer will hear from.

Life before Recruitment Robin:

Before Recruitment Robin, I spent many years as a customer relationship manager within the website and marketing world.  

Why I do what I do:

I have always enjoyed problem-solving and connecting with people, whether in a personal or professional capacity.  I feel this puts me in good stead when undertaking my current role.

What I do outside of Recruitment Robin:

Cinema has always been a huge passion of mine and you’ll typically find me at the Vue cinema with a box full of popcorn when the latest thriller is released.  I am also a dad to an amazing teenage daughter and enjoy spending time with her and guiding down the best path I can. 

The one thing that gets me up in the morning:

Knowing that no matter what happened yesterday, today is a new chance to start over.