Recruitment Agencies vs. Job Boards: Which option works for you?

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In today’s highly competitive job market, finding the perfect position can end up in a job-hunting headache!

With numerous job search resources at your disposal, it can be tricky to know which route to take when tracking down that elusive dream job, but luckily Recruitment Robin is here to talk about the two stand-out options:

Recruitment agencies and job boards.

Ok, so we’ve got absolutely nothing against jobs boards as they can play a vital role in helping you get an idea of what kind of opportunities are out there and can give a realistic insight into current salary bands in your area of interest, but they can (and usually do) attract a lot of competition for each available vacancy.

Another thing worth noting is that should you have a question about the role or want a little more info on what it is actually like to work for that particular employer, job boards very seldom offer up any real insights as they’re pretty limited to a job advert and, maybe if you’re REALLY lucky, a bit of a job specification.

Finally, scrolling through endless vacant positions day after day can get mentally tiring and can impact your job search mojo before you’ve even sent in a single CV, so my advice would be to use them sparingly as a tool to see what’s out there and to get a better idea of the kind of pay and benefits package someone with your skills and experience would be able to command.

So now I’ve said my piece about job boards and, in my opinion, their somewhat limited capabilities to help you find and nail a position that ticks all of your boxes, let me explain a little about what my role as a recruiter entails and how working with a recruitment agency might just put you on the right path to the position you deserve.

One of the BEST things about my job is people. Getting to know them, what makes them tick, what motivates them to succeed – this is an area that no jobs board in the world can compare against as any good recruiter will take a personalised approach to matching a person to their perfect position and not just ticking off skills and qualifications from a list.

Better still, recruitment professionals work hard to forge strong relationships with great local employers, so we’re able to access hidden opportunities that aren’t advertised on job boards AND give you the real low-down on what kind of company culture to expect to see if it matches with your own.

And for those of you who need a little help giving your CV a little sparkle or want some expert interview tips, you’ll find us to be pretty helpful in that respect too!

And finally, many recruiters such as Recruitment Robin specialise in specific industries that give us insights into the current recruitment landscape and job trends, which can come in handy if you’re thinking of a change in career direction, or just want to future-proof your job prospects.

So, which path you decide to take is down to personal choice, but just remember that your recruitment wing-woman is always here to help take the stress out of your job search and find your perfect position.