Recruitment Robin Empowers Emmaus North Staffs with Top Talent

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At Recruitment Robin, we take pride in our commitment to supporting local businesses with the ideal candidate, fostering growth and success within our communities.

Our recent collaboration with Emmaus North Staffs exemplifies this dedication, showcasing the transformative impact of our person-centric approach to recruitment. By understanding the unique needs of organisations like Emmaus and tapping into our specialist insight and market reach, we’ve seamlessly connected them with top-tier talent.

In this case study, we delve into the success story of Emmaus North Staffs, illustrating how Recruitment Robin’s professionalism, efficiency, and consistent delivery of exceptional candidates have become instrumental in shaping the workforce of local charities

About Emmaus North Staffs

Emmaus North Staffordshire is a locally registered charity, part of the global Emmaus movement with over 400 charities worldwide. Their mission is rooted in supporting vulnerable local residents, especially those who have experienced homelessness.

With a focus on breaking the cycle of homelessness, Emmaus operates the largest furniture and home charity warehouse in the City Centre, along with a prominent charity shop. They serve around 2,500 individuals annually, providing furniture and appliances at no cost. The team comprises 13 dedicated staff members and around 40 regular volunteers.

Why Recruitment Assistance Was Needed

The charity sought Recruitment Robin’s expertise to leverage specialist insight, market reach, and a streamlined process for their staffing needs. The pressures of day-to-day operations made it challenging for Emmaus to dedicate sufficient time to the critical task of recruiting the right individuals.

Choosing Recruitment Robin

“Having encountered Selina of Recruitment Robin at a BNI networking group, I was impressed with her professionalism and the quality of service her agency provided” said Executive Lead of Emmaus North Staffs, John Webbe.

“Her understanding of the type of candidate required for each role, and her ability to help amplify our vacancies to a wide range of potential candidates that would be a great fit for our existing team of staff and volunteers, made Selina the go-to person for the task.”

Simplified Recruitment Process

Recruitment Robin made the hiring process effortless for Emmaus. After providing initial job details, the rest was seamlessly handled, presenting top-notch candidates for consideration.

Ideal Candidates Secured

Recruitment Robin consistently delivered ideal candidates for each role, resulting in successful hires without the need for extensive interview processes. All four recruited posts led to the employment of the presented candidates.

Not only did this ensure that the vacancies were filled quickly, but that Recruitment Robin Director Selina had fully understood the brief and worked tirelessly to pinpoint the exact skills and personal attributes necessary for the positions.

Long-Term Success

Of the four recruits, three remain integral members of the charity. While business needs necessitated the departure of one individual, the overall success rate speaks to the quality of candidates presented.

Recommendation and Future Collaboration

John wholeheartedly recommends Recruitment Robin’s services. The professionalism, efficiency, and ability to consistently identify top candidates were the key reasons behind this strong endorsement.

The positive impact on time savings and the successful onboarding of valuable team members have solidified the partnership between Emmaus North Staffs and Recruitment Robin.

If you’re seeking a recruitment partner that understands your unique needs and delivers results, let Recruitment Robin take you under our wing. Our success stories speak for themselves, and we’re ready to help you build a stronger, skilled workforce in 2024.