Thinking of using AI to ‘enhance’ your CV? Here’s why you should think again

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With many jobseekers utilising AI software to save time and effort on a wide range of tasks, it’s tempting to give systems such as ChatGPT a whirl when you’re searching for that perfect new role.

However, a recent study has shown that the increasing use of ChatGPT in enhancing CVs has raised significant concerns for both recruiters and employers, shedding light on the potential implications for candidates leveraging AI technology to ‘embellish’ their resumes.

The research aimed to evaluate the extent to which ChatGPT can modify and enhance CVs, unravelling the consequences of such modifications on the recruitment process. The study, which utilised 100 real CVs for a specific job listing, sought to understand how AI advancements, like ChatGPT, might influence a candidate’s chances in the competitive job market.


AI and CV ‘embellishments’

The research revealed that ChatGPT, on average, made 14 embellishments per CV, ranging from subtle adjustments in phrasing to substantial additions in skills and experiences. The following breakdown illustrates the distribution of these embellishments across different sections of the CV:

“Embellishments” to Profile section: 7

“Embellishments” to Key Skills & Attributes: 4

“Embellishments” to Professional Experience: 3

Total: 14


An unfair advantage

Despite concerns about the authenticity of AI-enhanced CVs, the study found that these embellishments significantly boosted the average scores of the CVs, showcasing the potential for improved chances of securing interviews. However, this also raises ethical questions about whether jobseekers using AI may have an unfair advantage, creating an uneven playing field in the job application process.

Comparison of Average Scores:

Embellished CVs Avg. Score: 9.4

Normal CVs Avg. Score: 8.3


The truth will out

With the survey also indicating that 42% of jobseekers would consider using AI tools like ChatGPT to refine their job applications, the study underscores the expanding role of AI in recruitment.

Now, many employers are looking to develop strategies to detect AI-enhanced CVs and place greater emphasis on in-depth interviews and skill assessments before a job offer is made, so honesty is still very much the best policy when it comes to revisiting your CV. 

Yes, you might save time and effort by using AI to add that extra polish to your resume, but accepting a role when your CV doesn’t quite tell the full story regarding your skills and experience will ultimately set you up for a mismatch in employer expectations.


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